Together with my husband, we have a son (13) and daughter (9).  I believe my true love of photography came in 2 waves.  The first started when I was about 12 years old. I would tuck a bed sheet/blanket in the drawers of my dresser so it would drape down to the floor (for the backdrop of course) and I would set up props: Flowers, food, the cat, the dog, etc. I look back now and laugh at how I tried to get that "professional look" with my Fisher Price camera, not to mention the humility I caused my pets as I wrapped Christmas bows around their heads.
But no worries, the Fisher Price logo is not on any of my camera equipment.
The second wave of my love for photography, came when I was in a friend's wedding in 2007. I had a point and shoot camera and had taught myself how to work in the manual mode. After, I was determined to learn more about photography. God has blessed me with a passion in pictures and I enjoy capturing the beauty of His works - like you!